Slot Machine Screen Touching

Published by Lucky Dog under Slots.

Lately, I’ve come across people who are touching or rubbing the screen on video slot machines in a futile attempt to influence the outcome. I think this is happening because most of the newer slots now have some form of touch screen technology that requires the player to select items, roll dice, or spin a virtual wheel.  They take their hands and rub the entire screen or the area where the reels are still moving. This bizarre behavior is extremely distracting to other players. The screen rubbers are usually sitting by themselves, as no one wants to sit next to someone who is doing this on every spin. These people are totally focused on the machine and look like they have some sort of mental problem. The casino personal don’t seem to be concerned. Often I find the floor staff hovering around me, which I also find distracting. The worst part is, the screen rubbers do this on any slot machine, even those without screen touch technology. It’s tempting to ask someone to make them stop the rubbing, but it’s better to just move away from these freaks. They seem to be in a world of their own anyway.

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