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Remington Park Pick 4

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I like to play pick 4’s when TVG (FanDuel) is having a promo where if you win 3 out of 4 you get your money back. This past month a promo was running on the late pick 4 on Saturdays at Remington Park. On 09/17/2022 I put in a $9 ticket with 3/3/2/1 horses in […]

Horse Betting for a Living

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Can you make a living betting on horse races? We’ve all heard stories about tournament poker players who are skilled enough to make a good living. But not many horse players come to mind. The ones that do well usually write books on the topic or sell tip sheets. There are also handicapping contests where […]

Betting Without Money

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If you want to get good at something you need to practice. Placing simulated bets on a horse race is like drinking water and pretending its wine. You get the experience of taking a drink without the sensation that the alcohol provides. I often watch horse racing for entertainment. That’s a sign that you are […]