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Facebook Casinos

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If you want to play some of your favorite slot machines without going to the casino and losing any of your hard earned money, now you can. There are dozens of online casinos on Facebook that you can play for free. I posted a list of some of the top casino apps. Some even have […]

Betting tips

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This past weekend I made all but one of my wagers using the SAM automated betting machines. I found that it’s easier to make multiple wagers and more exotic wagers using the machine rather than telling someone at the betting window. Say for instance, if you want to make a pick 4 with a combination […]

Handicapping Tips

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Handicapping a horse race is more art than a science. I’ve been to about a dozen horse races in the last year, so I still have a lot to learn. One thing I’ve been struggling with, is trying to determine which information is the most important. It’s easy to get information overload when you start […]