Wet Day at the Track

Published by Lucky Dog under Horse Racing.

It wasn’t supposed to rain on Sunday, but it turned out to be a wet afternoon at the horse track. With over 12,000 in attendance for Father’s Day and half the seats unavailable because of the rain, it wasn’t much fun for families with small children. There were also long lines at the betting windows, so you had to give yourself enough time to get your bets in. A couple times I bet on more than one race, just so I wouldn’t have to stand in line after each race. I was trying a new system, which involves betting exacta boxes on certain numbers in the morning line. I calculated that I would win at least half of the races that I bet on, and it would have come out that way, if I hadn’t decided to leave after the 5th race. Unfortunately, you still need to win with at least one of the higher odds horses. Because if you bet the favorites on every race, you will only break even at best. Some of the payouts on the favorites are only 5.70 to 1 or even as low as 3.60 to 1. If you bet two $5 exacta boxes for a total of $20 on one race, and you win a 3.6 to 1 payout, that only amounts to $18. ┬áNo wonder they promote pick 4’s. The odds are long, but it’s the only way to make any real money at the track.

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