Gambling on the Buffet

Published by Lucky Dog under Minnesota.

Most of the time the casino buffet is uneventful. People are herded into a large room where they eat more than they normally would. With an all-you-can eat buffet, there is a higher chance that someone at the next table will start choking and the restaurant staff will have to preform the Heimlich on them. That’s exactly what happened this past weekend at Mystic Lake casino. We had just sat down and my girlfriend was off getting her first plate when it happened. It took me a while to get my appetite back after watching that. I have to give credit to the casino for having employees in the restaurant who knew what to do, but it was pretty dramatic while it was happening. We didn’t do very well on the gambling floor either. We struck out again at bingo and were frustrated by Mystic’s tight slots.  Next weekend horse racing starts at Canterbury Park. Maybe our luck will change.

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