Mystic Bingo

Published by Lucky Dog under Bingo.

Unlike other casino games, there isn’t any strategy I can think of that will improve your odds at bingo. Maybe buy more cards and carry a lucky charm with you. Mystic Lake casino has three levels that you can play at, with each level costing more, but providing a bigger payout. The payouts are typically $300, $600, and $1000 for level 3. It’s unlikely that you will win more than once in a session, so you want to play level 2 or 3 to make it worth your time. Mystic does have some nice bingo jackpots that can reach $150,000. But, you have to bingo on special numbers in a set number of calls. We’ve tried it 3 or 4 times and haven’t won anything, so I’m not a big fan of bingo. But if you are interested in that type of gaming, check out Mystic Bingo.

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