Little Six Casino

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This past week my girlfriend and I visited the Little Six Casino in Prior Lake, MN. Sometimes visiting a casino with two or more people can increase your odds of winning if you all agree to share any winnings over a set amount. But, sometimes this can work against you if you are partners who share living expenses and both of you are having a losing day. Little Six was having a promotion where they call a name every half hour to play a bonus game. This provides a little incentive to hang around, but we have yet to hear our names called after two of these bonus day visits.

I was using my new 100’s strategy and managed to stay in the green. My girlfriend was using her “play the max” strategy and didn’t so quite as well. We often split up while searching for our favorite slot machines, so I can’t always monitor how she is playing until it’s too late. Her resources are limited, so losing even a few hundred dollars amounts to a double digit percentage of her net worth. You’d think someone at that level would play more┬áconservatively, ┬ábut that’s not her style. I guess that’s why the casinos send her the better coupons.

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