2021 Wagering Results

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This year’s horse wagering season has been filled with highs and lows (just like every year). I decided to take a break from wagering back in August after a losing streak at Del Mar. With the 2021 Breeder’s Cup races coming up on November 5th, I am thinking twice about adding money to my TVG account after having a hard time cashing any tickets there in August. But, the Breeder’s Cup races are always more fun to watch if you have some money on the line. So far this year I have wagered $1688 and won $1431. That’s a loss of $257 over 8 months or about -$32 per month. At least I’m consistent. But, you have to ask yourself; Why keep doing something that isn’t making a profit?

I guess there is some entertainment value to consider. A gambler’s mindset would say that I’m only one winning wager away from breaking even. Taking a break from the action to look at your stats and make some adjustments is always a good idea. This year I won most often with the following bet types: WIN – 17 ($33), TRI – 21 ($51), SUP – 10 ($81). The number indicates how many winning bets and the dollar amount is the biggest win with that bet type. Trifectas are still my favorite, but they did not produce any triple digit payouts this year. My biggest win was a $449 pick 4 at Gulfstream on 4/4/21.

I tried many times to find success with pick 3 wagers. But, my 36 attempts produced no winning bets. 21 of them hit 2 out of 3, which only increased my frustration level. I placed a total of 9 pick 4 wagers and only won once. But, that one pick 4 win was my best result. Somehow it is easier to deal with the loss of a $3 bet vs. the loss of a $36 bet. I made too many small wagers this year, just to try and extend my bankroll. I want to thank all of my readers who used my affiliate link to open a new account on TVG. In case you missed it, here is the link again >> GET TVG

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