Sports Without Spectators

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In the world of horse racing, during the past few months, the only game in town has been at Gulfstream and Tampa Bay. There were a few other small tracks with races, but those were the two that hosted the best races. I have had a hard time reproducing the 75 to 1 win from my last post. With the reduced number of tracks and horses that have had to travel and had long layoffs, trying to handicap using past performance data has not been working. Jockeys are more conscious of limits on using the wipe and many other new equine safety regulations. Horses that carry less weight seem to have more of an advantage than usual. Horse racing seems to be the ideal sport to run without spectators. I can’t imagine that other professional sports will be as fun to watch, unless they use fake crowd noises to build excitement when there is a big play.

I’ve been using more exacta and win wagers to extend the life of my bankroll. Instead of using pure data to handicap a race, I recently started watching race replays, after narrowing down the field. TVG has a race replay button built into their race card just to the right of the entry name in the desktop browser. In the mobile version, the race replay info can be found by clicking on the horse entry and clicking on the film icon to the right of the race you want to view. I find it helpful to see the dates and conditions of recent races and how the horse finished. I then compare this information to the current race and the field of competition. It helps find horses that are worth wagering on. Just be careful that you don’t always bet on the favorites. The goal is to find the long shots that will make it worth your time and effort.

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