Reef of Riches Slot Review

Published by Lucky Dog under Casinos, Indian Casinos, Minnesota.

I was at Mystic Lake Casino for a few hours last week and decided to play a few slot machines. I only had about $200, so I had to pick my games very carefully. After trying 4 or 5 penny slots, nothing was hitting and I was getting frustrated. I saw a pirate themed 3D slot game called “Reef of Riches” that was unoccupied. I can’t resist a pirate themed slot! This one came out in 2015, but I didn’t recall ever seeing it at Mystic. The goal of this game is to collect tokens during the game to get 7 free spins. It’s hard to stop until you have collected all of the tokens. Eventually, I did get to the free spins at the $1.20 per spin level. The bonus games paid only $2.40! I’ve played games in the past that gave me zero bonus, but this felt like a big ripoff. I pretty much quit playing after that. A little later my girlfriend decided to play the same machine. I tried to talk her out of it, but sometimes she’s luckier than I am. I had hope that she would win back the money I had just lost. She played until she had collected all of the tokens. The much anticipated 7 free games paid a whooping $1.20, even less than what I got! I later discovered that this game is very volatile and you will often get a small bonus for your effort. But line up the wilds in the right ways and it can be quite rewarding. Just beware that your money will go quickly if you encounter one of these machines on a bad day. If you like getting some of your money back from a bonus, you may want to avoid Reef of Riches. Good Luck.

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