Cash Keeper Contest

Published by Lucky Dog under Horse Racing.

I was recently invited to try the new Cash Keeper contest on TVG. The contest is run on a separate website and you use your TVG account to log in and play. Like most contests on TVG it’s free to play. You get $1000 dollars to play with and there are 10 handicapping questions that you need to answer. Each question requires you to risk 100% of your bankroll between Yes and No. If you are not sure, you can put 50% on yes and 50% on no. In this case you would have $500 in your bankroll for the next question. You keep whatever is left after 10 questions are complete. The questions are based on live races which take place Saturday and Sunday.

Its a lot harder than it sounds. If you risk all of your bankroll on yes and the outcome is no, then the contest is over for you. So, I was playing on Saturday and had $700 after the first question. On the next question I put most of my bankroll on No that the horse would come in 1st or 2nd. The horse came in 2nd, but the contest said I had answered correctly. Well, it turns out that it was a dead heat for 2nd. After a few minutes, I saw the system reject the question and my bankroll went back to $700. The only problem was that I could no longer submit an answer to any questions after that! I tried logging out and back in, restarting the browser, deleting browser cookies, a different browser, and even a different computer, all to no avail. Obviously, they have some kinks to work out.

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