2018 Wagering Season Review

Published by Lucky Dog under Horse Racing.

The 2018 horse racing season has been the usual mix of highs and lows. I invested about 50% less into my bankroll in 2018, but was able to generate enough wins to enable a similar number of wagers. Unfortunately, my biggest win was only around $300. I put more effort into pick 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s this past year. Every time I would get a good win, I’d start doing more multi-race wagers. When my bankroll got low, I’d do more exacta, trifecta, and win bets to build it back up. I’ve had days when the wins came easy and others where nothing would go my way. One example was early in the season at Canterbury Park. I was reading the PP’s and saw a horse that had good stats, but had trouble breaking from the gate a few times. I decided to ignore the gate problem and put him in my trifecta anyway. As the race was about to start, I was watching this horse with my new wingspan binoculars. The bell goes off and the horses all come running out of the gate… except one. The one I’m watching. He doesn’t move. Lesson learned. If you see something in the past performances that looks like a problem, don’t ignore it!

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