2016 Wagering Tactics

Published by Lucky Dog under Horse Racing.

Every year I try something new to help improve my horse wagering results. This year I’ve been using the new TrackMaster® EquiGraphix report from Equibase. The report costs $3 for one race card. It includes the TrackMaster Platinum PP’s and 4 additional online screens of info, Bubble Capper, Signals, Speed/Class graphs, and Player graphs. The BubbleCapper is a graphical representation of the pace scenario at different stages of the race. I use it to help determine which horses are the strongest runners and which ones will most likely be on the lead at the end of the race. I still have to spend several hours analyzing the data and putting it in a spread sheet. But, I usually end up with a good picture of how each race is going to play out. The goal is to try and find a horse with high odds that is being overlooked by other bettors. It takes lots of experience to find these opportunities, and to wager tactfully, but you will get a feeling of accomplishment when them ponies cross the finish line just as you predicted.

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