2013 Racing Season Starting Soon

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The 2013 horse racing season is only about six weeks away here in Minnesota. ┬áCanterbury Park has it’s first race scheduled for May 17, 2013. I can’t say that the start of the 2013 gaming season for me has been very good so far. I’ve been to the casino about four times and only recall coming out ahead once, and that was by a small margin. At least with horse racing and cards, there is some skill involved. Slot machines are pure luck. It seems like the newer machines require higher and higher bets and are designed to turn everyone into a high-roller/big-loser. I’ve posted many tips for winning at slots on this blog, but if the machines are tight (as they are at most Indian casinos), no amount of strategy is going to work in your favor. For that reason, I’m looking forward the this year’s horse racing season. At least they provide statistics that can improve your odds of picking a winner.

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