High 5 Casino

Published by Lucky Dog under Slots.

Another Facebook slot game that I recently discovered is High 5 Casino. This one wasn’t around during my last post, but has quickly become one of my favorites. Every slot game is an authentic replica of the IGT machines that you find in real casinos. ¬†Currently, they have 19 games that can be unlocked and 5 more that are coming soon. You unlock the games by winning spins on the High 5 Slot that is on in the Lobby. So far I have unlocked 14 games and have reached level 30. It was slow starting out because you only get a small amount of credits to work with (unless you buy credits). As you accumulate more credits and unlock more games, you will find it more fun because you can bet higher and switch between games to find one that has a better payout. It’s a lot like what you’d expect if you play these games at a real casino. Go to your Facebook account and search for “High 5 Casino”.


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