Slot Picking

Published by Lucky Dog under Slots.

Here is a quiz for you. There are three identical slot machines in a row. The middle one says on the screen that it has just paid out a $86 to the last player. The one on the right says it paid out $1.25 and is next to the restrooms. The one on the left has last paid out $2.40 Which machine would you pick to play on? I would recommend the one that last paid out the highest amount. Odds are that this machine is going to give you the best payback. The ones with the lower amounts could mean that someone played down to their last dollar or two and bailed out. Of course this isn’t always true. Maybe the player in the middle put in $100 and played down to $86. One time I saw someone putting smaller bills into a slot machine just so they could consolidate their money on the slot ticket. The last payout ┬áis just one of many things to consider if you want to improve your results.


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