2015 Canterbury Wagering Results

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Canterbury Park’s 2015 live horse racing season came to a close yesterday (Sept. 12, 2015). This year, I decided to keep track of my wins and losses, so that I could measure my wagering performance. It is now time to look back on the season to see how I did. I visited the race track 22 times over the summer. The majority of my wagers were on races being held at Canterbury, but often I would wager on select races going on at other tracks like Santa Anita, Belmont Park, Remington Park, and others. Of the 800 wagers I made, 100 were winning bets. That’s about a 12% win rate. Not great. My average bankroll per session was $160 and my average cash out was $130. So, on average I lost about $30 every time I went to the track. Most of my wagers were boxed trifectas and superfectas, which have a higher payout but are more difficult to pick. Many times, I missed large payouts because I was one horse off. This was the most frustrating aspect of the season. I need to get better at recognizing opportunities where adding an extra horse to a wager can improve your odds of a huge payoff. A 50 cent boxed trifecta costs $3.00. If you add a 4th horse, the cost goes to $12. Same thing with a superfecta. A 10 cent boxed super costs $2.40. If you add an extra horse, the cost goes to $12.  As you can see, this can deplete your bankroll quickly, so you wouldn’t want to add an extra horse to every wager. When to add an extra horse really depends on how the odds are coming up on the board and how many good horses are in the race. This is what separates the amateurs from the pros.

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